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New homes are expensive. And if we’re being real, millennials aren’t the richest. They don’t have the resources to land their perfect, polished, dream home yet. So we’re repositioning Home Depot as the go-to renovation assistant for millennials, by launching “Home Agent,” an expert renovator who helps you see the potential in fixer uppers.


Home Agent partners with Zillow to include a “Renovate” button on their listings.

Users can single out rooms they want to renovate along with an intentional design style. Personalized selections will auto-populate a cart of items needed to achieve the customers desired home transformation. 



But it doesn’t stop there. Zillow Gone Wild features fixer upper transformations that came to life with our assistance.


As TikTok grows in viewership, we partner with various DIY influencers to promote the specialized services that helped them throughout their journey.



We'll place ads in magazines like Architectural Digest to target audiences interested in progressive homes and interior design.

        If only there was a way to be guided through such a daunting process. A way to make your dreams a reality with nothing more than some tools and plywood. A way to talk to the experts and weigh your options.
        But what if we told you that there is? With Home Agent, renovation assistance is available both online and in-person to guide you through a process that once seemed impossible. Because we believe in giving hard working individuals the chance to be home owners. So, don’t wait any longer to bring your dream to life, renovate with Home Agent today.  

        You’ve always longed for that perfect home. A place where you can unwind and find peace in a private getaway. A place where simplicity is perfect, and every square inch reflects who you are. But you’re a realist.   
        A realist who knows that the only practical ‘dream house’ within financial means is a fixer upper. A home etched with years of wear and tear, stains, and a collection of memories. It’s not the home itself that scares you. It’s the idea of renovating it on your own. 


We'll push it even further through banner ads on home renovation shows like Love it or List it.

And finally, at the bottom of the funnel, Home Agent sets up pop up booths inside of Home Depot along with in-store signage for in-person traffic.


Ruby Kenney is a super talented CW. Check out her work as well!

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