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LinkedIn wants to position itself as a source of information and guidance on making the workplace more inclusive for LGBTQIA+ professionals. So, it developed a research methodology to quantify how performative allyship falls short and highlight the ally gap.

To launch the new tool, we humanized the ally gap, by making them a real person.

Meet Ally Gap.

Ally is an Equity & Inclusion Consultant who endorses and oversees the business world’s treatment of the queer community.




Ally Gap is inviting you to connect


Equity & Inclusion Consultant

Equity & Inclusion Consultant


Hi! My name is Ally Gap, I believe my expertise in diversity and inclusion could be a real asset to your company, let's connect!...

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Ally Gap

Equity & Inclusion Consultant

Equity & Inclusion Consultant

As a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion specialist, I have had the privilege and opportunity to improve the culture at countless well-known organizations, particularly in regards to the experience of the LGBTQIA+ community. I love to help businesses thrive and create companies employees are proud to work for. I am an expert in helping professionals look inward at the policies and systems that create inequity and exclusion in order to cultivate vibrant, diverse, inclusive and equitable workplaces.

The breakdown of Ally’s bids for connection will ultimately be used to unveil the newest addition to LinkedIn’s platform.



Software Development

Maybe you didn't accept because you don't know them but allow us to introduce you @


Find out about Ally Gap and what you can do to make a difference today.

Post-launch, Ally Gap will continue to be a trusted source of information about company culture through endorsements and recommendations. As time goes on, new Ally Gaps who represent the diversity of the queer community will step into the role.





Ally Gap • 1st

Equity & Inclusion Consultant

Equity & Inclusion Consultant

March 7, 2023, Ally Gap worked with you

Jim Landon at Landon Estates showed such passion for improving the work experience for his LGBTQIA+ employees from the jump! Together we were able to hone in on his blindspots and ensure company policies were fair and just for every member of his staff. I am confident Jim now has the proper tools to be a true ally for his queer colleagues and endorse him wholeheartedly. 


Ally Gap endorsed you for diversity inclusion and 4 other skills

To get the word out IRL, LinkedIn will install interactive glass panels at financial landmarks. Not only will the panels state data collected through the Ally Gap research tool, but they will feature a familiar face.

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